10 folk architecture houses in Architecture garden - Hanoi biggest museum

02:09:00 07/09/2018

The 10 folk architecture houses in the Architecture garden​


The introduction of the Architecture garden


Go into this green area of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, the tourists can see an artificial stream flows to the lake where the water puppet exhibits are shown every day. The fresh atmosphere brings the comfort time for all visitor in 10 folk architectures of Vietnam: Cham house, Vietnamese house, Bana house, Ede house, Giarai tomb house, Cotu tomb, Tay house, Dao house, Hmong ground floor, the wall of Ha Nhi people. 


The 10 folk architectures of Vietnam ethnic groups


The Ha Nhi house in Lao Cai province

The Ha Nhi house in Lao Cai province


The Cham house overview The Dao house outside The Gia Rai tomb house overview
The Co Tu tomb house The Hmong house The Ede long house
The Ba Na communal house The Viet house overview The Tay house


Each house has its own identity and life that introduces the cultural diversity of the ethnic groups in Vietnam