All about the useful information about the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

03:09:00 05/09/2018

All about the useful information about the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology


Where is the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology?


It's opposite with Nghia Do Park, in the Nguyen Van Huyen street. The museum is about 7 km far from Hanoi Old Quarter so you can go by taxi or grab. If you go by bike or motorcycle, it has a stop in the left inside the main gate with a fee of about 5000 VND/time/day

Google map of Vietnam Museum of Ethnology


What is the opening time of the museum?


The schedule of the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: every day from 8:00 AM to 17:30 PM except Monday it is closed


How about the ticket? Does this museum accept Visa for the entrance ticket?


The ticket price is 40 000 VND / person, you can get the ticket at the main gate (on the right) and pay in cash, no Visa.


The ticket will a discount in the case:


  • Vietnamese students: 15 000 VND / student (valid student card required)
  • Pupils (age 6 - age 18): 10 000 VND / pupil
  • The older people, severe disabilities: 50% of the ticket price 
  • Minority ethnic people: 50% of the ticket price (valid identity card required)


If the tourist wants to have a tour guide, the fees are:


  • Vietnamese indoor/outdoor tour guide: 50 000 VND
  • Vietnamese tour guide for all exhibitions: 100 000 VND
  • French/English indoor tour guide: 100 000 VND


The water puppet show

The water puppet show


In this museum, there is a unique puppet show:


  • The adult: 90 000 VND / person
  • The children: 70 000 VND / person
  • The daily show in 10:00 AM, 11:15 AM, 14:00 PM, 15:15 PM, 16:15 PM
    On a special day, it is showtime at 17:15 PM, 19:15 PM, 20:15 PM


The special activities in the museum



The museum has airy spaces with a nice view, modern facilities, and professional service team that are suitable for organizing national and international workshops, conferences and events...

  • Auditorium in the Bronze Drum Building with a capacity of 300 people
  • The conference room in the Kite-wing Building with a capacity of 100 people
  • Seminar room with a capacity of 50 people
  • Spaces for organizing out-door events​

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