Temple of Literature in Hanoi

Near to the Ho Chi Minh museum and Thang Long royal citadel, Hanoi's Temple of Literature is one of the most attractive locations in Ha Noi
The hundred years Stelaes in an ancient architecture is a beautiful certificate of the Confucius education's history, which was the first and the longest academy in Vietnam. Until the day, some of Vietnamese traditional is still maintained and developed here. Come and join it! (See more images about Hanoi Temple of Literature)


Altars for worshipping Confucius

Nha Dai Bai (Great Hall of Ceremonies) is the ceremonial heart of the Van Mieu complex. Behind the Great Hall of Ceremonies, the Dien Dai Thanh (High Sanctuary) contains altars for worshipping Confucius, his four main disciples and ten of his leading...

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The story of “Carp turning into dragon”

At the top of the Great Middle Gate, there are two of the carp symbol in the wave. This is the interesting story of “Carp turning into a dragon”

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Hanoi 's calligraphy festival in Temple of Literature

Requesting words is one of the longest Vietnamese tradition when the Lunar New Year is coming, it brings the spring of knowledge and spirit to every house.

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Who is the founders of temple of literature?

The temple and imperial academy was built during the reign of King Ly Thanh Tong and King Ly Nhan Tong dynasty  

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Opening hours and ticket price of Hanoi's Temple of Literature

The Temple of Literature is about 15 minutes away from Hoan Kiem lake, near to the Ba Dinh square and Thang Long royal citadel so it's easy to take 1 day tour to visiting them.  

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Stelae of Doctors (Temple of Literature, Hanoi)

The doctors' stelaes are a valuable historical resource for the study of culture, education and sculpture in Vietnam  

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Khue Van Pavilion

Khue Van Pavilion is one of the most visiting location in HaNoi, its name refers to the Khue star symbolizing the beauty of knowledge and culture.

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Overview of Hanoi's Temple of Literature

Temple of literature's overview guides travelers to know about the general outlook of the temple with the five walled courtyards as well as the Van Lake and the Giam Garden... let's discover now !  

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Hanoi's Temple of Literature

Like the centuries-old antiquitie is displayed in the heart of Southeast Asia's busiest city, Hanoi's Temple of Literature, with its ancient architecture, retains its inherent peaceful

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Study at the Imperial Academy

In the fifth courtyard of the Van Mieu, the classes were held in two houses along the sides. The yard also held six dormitory houses, each a row of 25 rooms with two students to a room. There was a print shop for school texts.

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