West Lake shrimp cake

04:05:00 08/05/2019

There is one thing that many Hanoi people still do not know: West Lake has been a huge resource of shrimp and fish. In the past, this lake was the living source for many Hanoian generations with basic fishing tools. Today, in the side of the West Lake, Vong Thi is named of a street, but it was a fishing village. And the famous products of the lake's old days were carp and ginseng


Fishing in Hanoi West Lake

(Fishing in Hanoi West Lake is one of the favourite habits of Hanoian - Image from internet)

Today, West Lake has changed a lot, but it still keeps 1 of the traditional dishes from the past: West Lake shrimp cake


West Lake shrimp cake

The shrimp will be processed and then soaked in flour and then put through the pan to fry (fry). As a chef, you must know how to make the flour stick to shrimp as well as the fire to avoid burning and beautiful colour of the cakes.


The dipping sauce

A bow of dipping sauce

To enjoy the taste of the cake, you will need an extra bowl of dipping sauce and some herbs


West Lake shrimp cake 2


Let's taste the West Lake shrimp cake


The price: about 45.000 VND per dish